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When an organization requires a website that has a great deal of functionality, they turn to Konosa. We offer help for operations that are trying to build new web presences or refurbish existing websites.

You can seek our assistance with:

  • E-commerce websites, including back-end integration with POS systems, bookkeeping software, shipping and fulfillment systems

  • Setting up a blog and a social media presence

  • Building gallery sites

  • Utilizing highly customizable content management systems (CMS)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Content creation and curation

We'll assist you in exploring the full range of possible options for your website, allowing you to deploy a site that visitors will love and find engaging. Our extensive experience with a number of web technologies allows us to approach any project that a client might wish to start.

We offer support for:

  • Front-end technologies, including HTML and CSS

  • Advanced features, such as JavaScript

  • Constructing and maintaining databases

  • Back-end coding, including custom software design

  • Integrating web technologies with other IT systems

Schedule a consultation with us today, and we'll help you add some life to your organization's website.