Curiosity in action

Big Data

information driving action

An information-centered approach to decision making can yield impressive results, but finding the right tools for the job is a challenge. At Konosa, we work with organizations and businesses that are trying to compile large amounts of data and convert information into real-world action. We utilize machine-learning algorithms to sift through data at incredible speeds and produce new ways to look at difficult problems.

You can request our help with:

  • Analysis and reporting projects

  • Machine learning tasks

  • Data mining

  • Presentation of information

  • Automated generation of spreadsheets, including documents with properly formatted Excel formulas

  • Information gathering

  • Database installation, maintenance and management

Whether you are looking to take a small kernel of an idea and grow it into something big or wish to collect a huge amount of information and distill it into a single set of actionable data points, we have the resources to help. We'll guide you through the process, explaining how a specific approach may be appropriate to a particular task. You'll understand why a preferred method was used and how it benefits your organization.

Reach out to us today and learn more about how Konosa can put Big Data systems to work for you.